Hundreds of thousands of Dutch people now take part in gambling activities online without the protection of a licensing authority. The cabinet considers this to be undesirable. The remote gambling bill creates the basis for a licensing system by 2015, in which Dutch gamblers may safely and responsibly take part in online games of chance.

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The bill introduces measures to prevent gambling addiction, to protect consumers and to combat fraud and other criminal activities. The position of the gaming authority has also been strengthened in order to combat any illegal advertising. It is expected that the bill will be presented to the Lower House before the summer recess.

Lotteries make a significant contribution to society through remittances to charities and sport among others. By revising the lottery system the cabinet wants to secure those payments made to sport in general, professional sports and charities. In parallel to receiving advice from the Council of State with regard to the remote gambling bill, the cabinet will finalise the measures applying to the lottery system. The plans for this lottery system will also be sent to the Lower House before the summer recess so that it will be possible to examine these in conjunction with the regulation on remote gambling.

The Council of Ministers has consequently agreed to send the bill to obtain the recommendations of the Council of State. The text of the bill and the recommendations of the Council of State will be published upon submission to the Lower House.

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