by Justin Franssen and Alan Littler – Kalf Katz Franssen Attorneys at Law

Dutch Council of Ministers Approves Remote Gaming Bill
Today, 14 February, the Council of Ministers approved the remote gaming bill. The bill will now go to the Council of State which should render its advice within the next few months. Assuming that the bill is approved, it will then be submitted to the House of Representatives and at this stage the content will become public knowledge. This is expected to occur in Q2 of this year.
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(c) Flickr
This development comes at the end of what has been a busy few weeks in the Dutch gaming world. Several press articles have been published, some of which picked upon various aspects of remote gaming and the plans for regulation. Two sets of parliamentary questions have been submitted as a result. Whilst the Gaming Authority’s enforcement policy via the prioritisation criteria has long been public knowledge, critical questions surrounding the handling of the transitional period until a regulatory and licensing regime is introduced, have been asked.
Today’s press release also notes how the cabinet recognises the contribution made by lotteries to good causes and sport, and that proposed reforms to the lottery system will also be submitted to parliament before the summer. Parliament will then be able to consider the proposed lottery changes along with the remote gaming bill. Yet the lotteries have not escaped the attention of the media and parliamentary questions either. Attention has been directed towards private profits generated by the charity lotteries and that on the basis of their UK operations they unlawfully provided remote gaming services in the Netherlands.
The press release notes that the bill will establish the basis for a licensing regime as of 2015. Another milestone on the road to regulation has thus been achieved.