The House of Representatives, noting that a discussion was held and noting that there were plans to establish at least one gambling channel; noted that this would only be possible after a change in the legislation; taking into account that offering gambling on a public TV channel would not be helpful in preventing gambling addiction and protect the consumer;

tweede kamer


Requested that Government, will also in that new Law continue to prevent that a open TV channel can broadcast gambling programs – and proceed to the order of the day. End of Original Text.


Motion proposed on 21.11.13, motion accepted on 26.11.2013.

Motie /Segers (Christian Union) /Mei Li Vos (Labour)

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Note: (from Wikipedia)

The House of Representatives is the main chamber of parliament, where discussion of proposed legislation and review of the actions of the cabinet takes place. Both the Cabinet and the House of Representatives itself have the right to propose legislation; the House of Representatives discusses it and, if adopted by a majority, sends it on to the Senate. Review of the actions of the cabinet takes the form of formal interrogations, which may result in motions urging the cabinet to take, or refrain from, certain actions.