Charities will benefit from online gambling  telegraaf De Telegraaf 20.11.2013 by Jorn Jonker and Jan-Willem Navis

the Hague

The outcry from the sports world and the declining income derived by liberalizing gambling on the Internet are overblown and not based on facts. In other European nations where laws were liberalized, it would appear that the income from existing lotteries just increased. This was the assertion made by Meines and Partners, a lobbying outfit, which has several gambling entities and lotteries as their clients, among which is the Poker web site, Pokerstars.  

The company collects data on this industry. The assertion that the revenues are increasing is confirmed by sources in the Ministry for Security and Justice, which also studied these data in preparation for the law to regulate the state monopoly on gambling in the  past. In 2015 the gambling market, including one on-line, will be opened up for licensed companies.

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