Last week, we reported that the Permanent Committee for Justice and Security of the Dutch Senate had moved to finalize its report on the Remote Gaming Bill on October 16, thus ending the written procedure and clearing the way for an up or down vote during a subsequent plenary session.

Contrary to its more usual practice, the Committee’s report will this time also contain a number of additional questions that will still need to be answered by the government.

However, as soon as the answers to these questions are received, the bill will be automatically ready for a plenary debate, without – as is usually the case when the government responds to written questions – the need for further discussion of the bill by the Permanent Committee.

Furthermore, the Permanent Committee for Justice and Security aims to simultaneously bring up the Remote Gaming Bill and Casino Reform bill for plenary debate. As the written procedure regarding the Casino Reform Bill is still at an earlier stage than the procedure on the Remote Gaming Bill, the Committee’s request for supplementary answers on the latter bill is not expected to lead to any additional delays.

Fifteen gambling regulators from across Europe (including the Netherlands Gaming Authority), as well as Washington State Gambling Commission, have signed an agreement to work together to address the risks created by the blurring of lines between gaming and gambling.

The Amsterdam-based start-up The Great Bubble Barrier is the winner of the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge 2018, taking home €500,000 to further develop their innovative method of combating “plastic soup” in our oceans.

GVC chief executive Kenny Alexander has quashed growing concerns over increased regulation of the UK online gambling market, insisting that pessimism around the industry is unjustified.

Evolution Gaming has partnered with the Mayfair gambling club Les Ambassadeurs to install a unique private live casino studio.

The Paris High Court of Appeals has upheld an original verdict against state-owned racing operator Pari Mutuel Urbain (PMU) with regards to “abusing its position of influence by enacting anti-competitive business practices.”

The Stars Group has announced the launch of its online sports betting brand, BetStars, in the state of New Jersey through its partnership with Resorts Casino Hotel.