Martijn de Boer

By Martijn de Boer

Is your data up to date and privacy proof? | Thought leader at CDDN | Founder | Privacy and Consumer

“It’s all about knowing your customers.”

The perfect opportunity for a night out’, reads a familiar slogan of Holland Casino. Nowadays, however, the reality is that many people stay in and gamble online instead of heading out for a night at the casino. According to a market scan conducted by the Dutch Gaming Authority (KSA) in 2015, 473,000 players gambled online in the Netherlands alone last year. Unfortunately, it is often largely unclear who these players are.

There are many reasons why it is important for an online gambling organisation to know its customers. Take age checks, carried out to prevent underage players from gambling online, or the measures in place to protect customers who suffer from a gambling addiction. Consequently, a gambling organisation needs to protect players, but also protect itself. Under Dutch law, players therefore need to undergo an identification check, which is the responsibility of the gambling organisation. At a casino, a player simply presents their passport, but performing an identification check online without needing all manner of complex procedures is a different matter.

GDPR Compliant

It’s all about knowing your customers, and obtaining vital information on their identity and solvency. CDDN provides that vital information. Using basic details, such as a combination of a player’s name, address and place of residence, we can check the validity of their identity. This way, you can be 99.99 per cent certain that your customer is who they say they are. Next, we use these details to check the customer’s credit rating so you know right away whether they have been placed under guardianship or are in financial difficulties. This information is also GDPR-compliant. These methods ensure a future-proof solution for gambling providers. Furthermore, by making this information available immediately, we ensure that the most severe gambling addictions are monitored. This is important in terms of protecting both the player and gambling provider, but it is also important from a social perspective.

Industry Knowledge

The collaboration between the various online gambling organisations is the key to success. Connecting their various databases enables a 360-degree profile to be created of every player. By sharing the most relevant information with one another, gambling providers can jointly ensure that the world of gambling remains a safe and healthy place for all. CDDN endeavours to fulfil an independent role in this process by providing the infrastructure and sharing data knowledge. We will enter into dialogue with these gambling organisations at the 2016 edition of the Annual Gaming in Holland Conference in Amsterdam, and are looking forward to hearing your views on this topic!

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